Monday, April 13, 2009

Chocolate Experiments

My tongue, drawn from front to back along the glob of melted milk chocolate stuck to the roof of my mouth creates a clucking sound when it comes loose in the back of my throat. The best way to savor an Easter egg is to suck on the chocolate until dissolved.

I knew that as a kid.

Inquisitive about food matters by nature I wondered what would happen if you were to melt a chocolate egg on a 'droog biscuitje' (Maria wafer). What I had in mind was laying the cookie on the back of our wood and cole burning stove.
Would the cookie burn before the chocolate was soft enough to spread out?
Noticing the seam line in the chocolate I decided to make two chocolate covered cookies, for faster results and less chance for scorching. Unable to wait for the chocolate to melt all the way, I stuck another biscuitje on top of the barely melted half egg and turned the sandwich over before the bottom got burned.
This happened after an earlier delicious discovery of a slice of bread covered with ripe banana slices and chocolate shavings.
Not long after the instant paste was marketed at the new thing. Making me wonder how the factory owner had got into my mind.
But at the time of the choco sandwich all I thought about was how to get another egg.
Surely my mom had some stashed away …

Yep, I'm working on a memoir. This time it's about growing up isolated from the world, with an old daddy who suffered from PTSD (WWI + WWII) and a mommy who struggled with chronic psychosis. Enough fodder for a story or 2(00).