Judith van Praag: I used the challenge to start sharing material directly related to a memoir work in process and not in the last place, to explore Internet marketing strategies. Read my conclusion Trust30 | Power is in the Numbers.
Day #01  Fear of Sharing - Stow it Away
Day #02  Changing Tack from Amstelodamum to Outhouse
Day #03  Secrecy Creates Schisms
Day #04 We Hide under Stones or in Bright Sunlight
Day #05 Being at Home Wherever I Am
Day #06 Finish the Project at Hand
Day #07 Dream Big Outside the Writer's Den
Day #08 Learn to Let Go to Deliver 
Day #09 A Fairytale
Day #10 Spread Love | Make Tea Not War
Day #11 The Divine Dutchess of Praha decides to quit and split.

Day #12 My middle name is Sidetrack. Curiosity is both my strength and my downfall. I try to stay away from being someone's ghostwriter, give assignments back to the arts editor because "I want to finish the book I'm working on", I take my CV PDF off my website as to not give the idea I'm "available" and yet ... Once again sidetracked by a challenge posed by an outsider, which in the end turns out to just be a (albeit brilliant) marketing strategy.
Day #22 Accept Godliness in Yourself | The Divine You Who said there are no comebacks? 
Day #24

Nota Bene: I am my own challenge, I don't need anybody else's. Any time you give this writer a chance to go on and on about her mind boggling life and fascinating relatives and friends, she'll take the bait. 
Once again I vow I will focus on my WIP and Screenplay, I will wait to continue working on my memoir until the former are finished. 
Yours truly,
Judith Focus van Praag